The Full Three Courses


Our full co-ordination is perfect for every couple. Whether you have a very specific idea for your day, you have a rough idea but you don’t know how or if it will work, or you have no idea where to even begin and need help from the off.

The full co-ordination begins from the moment you hire us and sign that contract and will not finish until the end of your wedding day. We will be there every step of the way from finding the perfect wedding dress, sending out your invitations to being there on the day passing you your first glass of bubbles as husband and wife.

You will have unlimited calls, emails and meetings with us. We do not mind if you call us at 10 at night after you have come home from work and have a burning question, we will always reply to your emails and questions as soon as possible and we will keep you in the loop with regular updates.

Just because you choose us to cover your full- co-ordination does not mean that you will not be involved or get the full excitement of your wedding. As our full co-ordination is very much a bespoke service it depends on a number of factors to create the right package to suit your needs therefore we will be as involved as you wish. If you have booked your venue or picked out your dress or chosen your flowers but need help with everything else then we will take this into account.

The full co-ordination service also includes our wedding day management so we will be there on the day to make sure everything goes to plan. You really can sit back, relax and enjoy the months leading up to your wedding with our full service.